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What future can we expect from the labour market?

Quantitative and qualitative analysis of sport's success

The art of the nudge: how small subtleties can have big impacts

Fast Fashion

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A dynamic reality full of uncertainty associated with two years of a pandemic scenario. What can we expect from the future of the job market? What skills are most expected from the worker of the future?

What characteristics allow certain countries to perform above average in soccer? Can we establish any relationship – demographic, economic, geographical, cultural – that dictates which countries will be propelled to higher positions in the rankings and which will be left behind?

How easy is it to influence a choice? In a reality where ethics and freedom are increasingly challenged, are we really masters of our destiny?

Consuming three garments for the price of one is great. But what are the implicit costs behind this choice? We are facing a paradigm of whether to consume more, or consume consciously.

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