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Meet some of our past customers, the challenges presented to us and our solutions.

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Doctors Without Borders

Study and definition of new forms of fundraising and obtaining donations from individuals.

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Study on the sustainability practices practiced by the football club and its fans and people who attended the stadium.

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Marketing plan for a startup that aims to completely change the way we use public transport.

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Study of the Spanish market as an aim for internationalization, by the EYRA brand.

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Market study of the electric mobility solutions sector, with the goal of launching a new product.

Doctors Without Borders

Médecins Sans Frontières, established in 1971 in France by young professionals in medicine and journalism, is an international humanitarian organization that brings healthcare to people affected by severe humanitarian crises. It also aims to draw attention to the difficulties faced by people who provide medical care.

Winner of the Nobel Peace Prize in 1999, MSF then emerges as a humanitarian organization that associates medical aid with awareness, drawing attention to the suffering of the populations it provides assistance to, giving visibility to realities that cannot be neglected.

The project emerges as a way to combat the issues that were felt at the headquarters of Doctors Without Borders – insufficient fundraising and reduced ability to attract benefactors.

Having just recently established headquarters in Portugal, the problem was accentuated by the lack of local recognition and competition from other institutions. Although the work of Doctors Without Borders is recognized at a worldwide level, the campaigns in Portugl were unknown to the donors, who were also already loyal to the work of other NGOs, making it difficult to collect donations and raise “regular donors”.

It was then evident the desire to counter this situation and ensure that the institution gained recognition and local loyalty. In that sense, FEP Junior Consulting prepared an action plan to be adopted by the institution in order to be able to sustain and contribute to the realization of international and local campaigns

This project focused on a Competitive Analysis and also included a section regarding the positioning of the organization itself.

  1. As an initial segment, a general framework of the organization was executed, as well as the analysis of its competitors, in order to understand the current position of Médecins Sans Frontières in Portugal and how they could stand from the other NGOs with significant presence in the country.
  2. In a second stage of the project, benefactors and their preferences were analysed through the analysis of surveys and previous studies in order to understand opportunities that could solve the two main problems highlighted: insufficient fundraising and reduced ability to attract donors. Doctors Without Borders benefit from international recognition but exhibit some difficulty in the retaining of funds in Portugal, as they have just recently settled in the country.
  3. As a third and final phase, an action plan was elaborated to combat these issues, complemented with measures and suggestions that would attract donors.


FCPorto is a Portuguese sports club, based in Porto.

The client came to FJC for a better analysis and evaluation of how fans perceive the club in terms of sustainability.

The project consisted of an analysis of the fans’ responses regarding the mode of transportation used to reach the stadium, as well as their perception of the measures that  FCPorto has in terms of sustainability.

The project consisted in the conduction of in-person surveys to the fans, carried out in the club’s stadium. This was followed by an analysis of the obtained data, distances traveled and suggestions for improvement of the club.


Ubirider S.A. is a software development start-up that aims to change the way people, information and payments move, simplifying  these processes.

onsequently, they developed Pick, a product divided into Pick Insight – an online platform that facilitates the monitoring and management of transport services of mobility operators – and Pick Hub – a unique app for travelers to plan and purchase all multimodal travel tickets.

As a startup, resources are more limited, and primarily dedicated to product development. Consequently, eventhough Ubirirder also invests in its business development, it applied to our annual start-up contest, FJC Boost, with the goal to exponentiate this facet of the company, seeking to reach the largest possible audience.

The big challenge: to reach 2 different audiences effectively and comprehensively, given the company’s innovative B2B2C model.

A Marketing Plan was carried out – internal and external analysis of the company and improvement of the most effective communication strategy

  1. Internal analysis of the company, covering investors, partnerships, resources and finances, as well as an external analysis, segmented into a competitive analysis, of clients analysis and PESTEL;
  2. Conduction of a SWOT and TOWS analysis, for both B2B and B2C facets of the company;
  3. Development of an STP Strategy;
  4. Elaboration of a Marketing Mix and AIDA;
  5. Definition of an optimal Communication Strategy for the company.


Germen is one of the companies of the Better Foods Group, the largest cereal milling group in Portugal. This company has been exploring various market niches, having emerged, from this exploration, the industrial line of gluten-free flour, EYRA.

EYRA presents itself as the best selection of free-from flours and is intended for celiacs and those who, for various health reasons and/ or their own choice, decide to remove gluten from their diet.

Beacuse we are talking about a market with high growth potential and with few direct competitors in the Portuguese market, Germen decided to internationalize this brand to the Spanish market. Thus, the company contacted FEP Junior Consulting in order to understand the potential of this niche in the economy of the neighboring country, who the main competitors were and how to proceed in order to start this internationalization.

This project was a study of the Spanish market, with a view to internationalization. It was complemented by a competitive analysis and the potential of e-commerce in the country in question.

As an initial stage, a study of the Spanish economy was developed, using a PEST analysis. Following this, FJC moved on to a more focused research in the sector in question, as well as the possible competitors of the EYRA brand. Finally, an analysis of the distribution channels was carried out to find the most appropriate way for the company to proceed to its internationalization process.


EVIO is a company that operates in the development, operation, maintenance and commercialization of solutions for electric car mobility, in particular in terms of software and hardware of electric car chargers.

Understanding the organization and context of the electric mobility solutions market in order to enhance the launch of a product in the market.

Market study for the market sector of chargers for electric cars and solutions for electric mobility.

  1. General analysis of electric charging options: perception of the different options available for charging electric vehicles, both hardware and software, assessment of their characteristics and their associated costs;
  2. Analysis of the automotive and electric car market in terms of size, organisation, evolution and trends;
  3. Study of the electric mobility options competing with the company: general benchmarking of the charger market and a more specific benchmarking of EVIO’s direct competitors;
  4. Analysis of funding for electric mobility to both individuals and companies.

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