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FJC, FEP Junior Consulting, provides quality-guaranteed consultancy services at the most competitive price on the market. As proof of its rigor and professionalism, FJC has obtained Quality certification according to ISO 9001:2015.

Business Support

Business Plan

It consists of gathering all the information needed to start or maintain a business, covering various aspects: the company’s mission, strategic planning, a description of the company and its products and services, market analysis, marketing plans, human resources and finance, making it possible to outline what to do, how, when and by whom.

1. testing the feasibility of setting up or expanding a business;

2. Easier financing and credibility for the company;

3. Guidance on the development of strategic operations and analysis of their main costs and benefits;

4. Defining the best action plan to maximize the company’s maximize the company’s potential in all its aspects.

Financial Analysis

It consists of drawing up an economic/financial diagnosis in order to analyze the company’s financial capacity and the risks to which it may be exposed. It also examines the viability, stability and operability of a business and/or company project.

1. Checks the stability and profitability of a business and/or project.

Investment Analysis

Investment analysis consists of applying financial and accounting techniques in order to identify the feasibility of investing capital in the company at a given time and project.

1. The entrepreneur will obtain a more comprehensive overview of the project – the investments, the necessary expenses and the return on investment. They will thus be able to know which areas are most suitable for investment, what level of return is expected for a given period and what level of risk is associated with the operation.

Marketing Plan

It is a crucial tool for the development of companies and aims to help shape the marketing strategy of a brand or product: the way it is positioned, communicated or promoted.
Through a detailed micro and macroeconomic analysis,
the study of the company’s reality, its competition and trends, the aim is to present its strengths and weaknesses, as well as the opportunities and threats present in the market in which it operates, in order to draw up an effective and competitive plan for the company.

1. Programming marketing actions to maximize the company’s position in the market as far as possible;

2. Analysis of the company’s marketing innovation opportunities;

3. Implementing marketing policies and projecting results.

Capital Raises Study

The basic scope of this service is to obtain financing for the company.
All available options will be studied: issuing new shares, issuing debt, equity crowdfunding and venture capitalists (i.e. private equity), business angels, venture capital, etc.

1. choosing the financing process best suited to the company;

2. Help with the entire process of obtaining financing, including looking for investors and structuring a pitch deck for approaching potential investors;

3. Helping with the whole process of securing finance, particularly looking for investors and structuring a pitch deck for approaching potential investors.


Internationalization consists of integrating services or products in different countries or territories. It involves a process of adapting the company’s operations (strategy, structure, resources, etc.) to international environments, extending its product-market strategies and vertical integration to other countries, resulting in total or partial replication of its operational chain.

1. greater knowledge of foreign markets

2. Detailed strategic planning for expansion;

3. Awareness of the biggest challenges facing foreign markets.

Market Studies

Consumer and Target Audience

The analysis of consumers and target audiences are fundamental elements of analysis for companies seeking to launch new products or enter new markets.

1. Consumer characterization (preferences, habits, trends);

2. Identifying what is most in demand within the company’s business area;

3. Target audience coverage and loyalty-building methods;

4. Particularly important in the pre-launch phase of a new product/service.

Product and Image

It provides information on the reputation of the company/institution, brand or product, as well as the market’s perception of the strategy followed (product, value and communication), which are fundamental elements in defining business plans.

1. Greater knowledge of the company’s/brand’s position in the market and the degree of involvement of its customers;

2. Help in defining product, value and promotion strategies.

Employer Branding

This is directly related to the company’s reputation, namely the image it projects to its own employees and potential candidates, which translates into greater loyalty on the part of the former and a desire on the part of the latter to join the company. Therefore, the main objective of this service is to build an external image and positioning that allows the company to attract and retain the best professionals.

1. Detailed knowledge of potential candidates’ perception of the company;

2. Insight into the best way to attract and retain new talent;

3. Implementation of a better organizational climate.

Competition and Positioning

Analysis of a given market in terms of its main players, opportunities and threats. It allows reflection on the company’s mission and vision, its strategic objectives and its position in relation to the competition, as well as the consequences of a new competitor entering the

1. Understand what stage the sector is at, trends, main competitors and their strategies, strengths and weaknesses, threats and opportunities, successful strategies used in the past;

2. Provides the necessary information to help devise a market insertion or projection strategy with a more accurate risk plan.

Customer satisfaction

Since the customer is the main agent in today’s production processes, a company’s main objective must be to satisfy their requirements. This analysis will focus essentially on after-sales, since customer satisfaction is an excellent guarantee that the customer will use the product/service again in the future, which is vital in a highly competitive market.
highly competitive market.

1. Detailed knowledge of the customer’s opinion and degree of satisfaction;

2. Provides essential information for defining and pursuing market action strategies and customer loyalty, with a view to increasing sales and the perceived quality of the product.

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Estudo de Mercado

Consumidor e Público-Alvo

A análise dos consumidores e público-alvo são elementos fundamentais de análise em empresas que procuram lançar novos produtos ou entrar em novos mercados.

1. Caracterização do consumidor (preferências, hábitos, tendências);
2. Identificação do que é mais procurado dentro da área de negócio da empresa;
3. Abrangência de um público-alvo e métodos de fidelização;
4. Particularmente importante numa fase de pré-lançamento de um novo produto/serviço.

Concorrência e Posicionamento

Análise de um determinado mercado relativamente aos seus principais players, oportunidades e ameaças. Permite uma reflexão sobre a missão e visão da empresa, os seus objetivos estratégicos e a sua posição face à concorrência, bem como as consequências da entrada de um novo concorrente no mercado.

1. Perceber em que fase se encontra o sector, as tendências, principais concorrentes e suas estratégias, pontos fortes e fracos, ameaças e oportunidades, estratégias de sucesso utilizadas no passado;
2. Fornece a informação necessária a fim de ajudar a delinear uma estratégia de inserção ou projeção no mercado com um plano de risco mais exato.

Produto e Imagem

Permite conhecer a notoriedade da empresa/instituição, marca ou produto bem como a perceção que o mercado tem da estratégia seguida (produto, valor e comunicação), elementos fundamentais na definição dos planos de negócios.

1. Um maior conhecimento do posicionamento da empresa/marca no mercado e do grau envolvimento dos seus clientes;
2. Ajuda na definição de estratégias de produto, valor ou promoção.

Satisfação do Cliente

Visto ser o cliente o principal agente dos processos produtivos atuais, o principal objetivo de uma empresa deve ser satisfazer os seus requisitos. Esta análise incidirá essencialmente no pós-venda, já que a satisfação do cliente é uma ótima garantia que, no futuro este voltará a recorrer ao produto/serviço, sendo esta uma característica vital num mercado altamente competitivo.

1. Conhecimento detalhado da opinião do cliente e respetivo grau de satisfação;
2. Fornece informação essencial na definição e prossecução de estratégias de atuação de mercado e fidelização de cliente, com vista ao incremento das vendas e da qualidade percebida do produto.

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With 23 years of excellence and rigor, FEP Junior Consulting is the only Portuguese junior company to be ISO 9001 certified. With the experience gained from more than 300 projects carried out and an extensive support network made up of professors from the Faculty of Economics of Porto and former students, FJC is thus able to provide consultancy services of proven quality at the most competitive price on the market.


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